This family-run restaurant located in a busy Toronto neighbourhood needed help to simplifying their IT systems and installing an easy to use POS (point-of-sale) system that would generate a positive return on investment.

Vaughan City Grill
Food Industry
IT Consultancy, Cloud Computing and Cyber Security


Many of our corporate clients are fortunate to have significant IT budgets, however the family-run Vaughan City Grill was not so lucky and was restricted with how much they could invest in technology due to the cost starting the business.

A solution was needed that also fit into their monthly budget.


After our team learn more about the business needs of the Vaughan City Grill we developed a plan to meet their needs and budget.

A robust POS system was selected that not only took payments but also provided detailed reporting, upselling features and could be run from an iPad or iPhone.

This new tool increased order accuracy with improved customer satisfaction. Plus, management could now follow all the order activity and cash flow with a few simple clicks.


Since the new system was installed revenue increased and errors decreased.

These changes will positively affect revenue while keeping all the monthly costs within the required budget. The Vaughan City Grill is now in an excellent position to grow without the burden of managing their IT infrastructure.